Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talked to Andy again TODAY :)

Andy was allowed to call home today to "finalize" travel arrangements for after graduation. But, because he isn't going anywhere different for A-school, we just got to talk!! He informed me that he is no longer the Starboard Watch person anymore.. So he said is finally able to get some sleep. The reason he isn't the Watch person anymore is because he got a promotion to RCPO which is the following:

Recruit Chief Petty Officer (RCPO)
The RCPO is the Chief Honcho among recruits. The RCPO is the primary recruit assistant to RDCs and is responsible for:
1. Maintaining good order, discipline, and security within the division at all times.
2. Ensuring compliance with standing orders and regulations.
3. Assisting RDCs with implementation of schedules.
4. Reporting any abnormal condition to RDCs, including violations of good order, discipline and security, when RDCs are not present.
Yeah, my hubby is the head recruit!! He will walk in the front of the rest of the recruits in his division for graduation and carry the sword. By the way, Andy told me before he left for boot camp that he would be doing this :) Anyway, it is an awesome accomplishment that he has made. His name will actually be called at graduation as the leader of his division!! YEAH!! Way to go babe !
He said that he is enjoying boot camp and it's really pretty easy and it isn't bothering him a bit. His division is the junior division there now. Meaning there is only 1 division above his there. So basically he is in the better half of boot camp now :) I am so proud of him!!


~*Amber*~ said...

way to go Andy...we already knew that you would be the best there!! You always seem to find your place right away and work your butt off!! Can't wait to see you in person to tell you congratulations!!

~Kristie~ said...

That's my bro.

David Hulings said...

I am so proud of him ... that's my boy!!! I can't wait to see him graduate.

Grandma KIM said...

Carrying the 'Head Honcho Sword'..WOW!!!! I can't wait to see that!